Will she study?

Written for Ragtag Daily Prompt

Definition: Upbeat – adj. pleasantly optimistic.

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Rita is over the moon today. She looks radiant and content. She is joyful and upbeat more than anything. She tip-toed and danced all her way from school towards her home – a clay hut on the bank of the river. Her school bag hangs loosely on her left shoulder, as if it’s empty and she could not feel its weight, though it was full of books.

When Phulwa-the gardener asked her the reason for her happiness, she told him that today was her last exam and all her papers have gone really well. Now her father, a farmer, would let her study further. She told that she wants to study a lot and become a scientist. Phulwa patted her on the back and congratulated her.

Rita went ahead whistling her way towards her home.

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