Unstoppable she became

Image via Pixabay

She changes sides and tries to sleep,
She takes a walk and hides to weep,
Oblivious of her inner storm,
She strolls past to re-gain her norm.
So much has passed in these days,
So much is passing in many ways,
Life ceased to charm and entice,
Anxiety just stole her spice.
She posed questions and queries,
To God and all those around,
Unnoticed, none were replied,
She kept quiet and stared ahead.
She walked, she ran, she panted, She stopped and caught her breath,
But never did she quit,
She looked for the other side, They say the tunnel is bright there,
It still seemed dark,
By now she had learnt to walk,
Unstoppable she became,
For her Sun rose for never to set.

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