The Iron Pillar

Chris and Amy were meeting after a long time which seemed like an era to them. Things had not been good and they were not on talking terms when they separated, for it was not a healthy farewell. Cutlure and race differences had tore them apart. Seeing each other made them so elated that all that teary past did not make sense. Still, captivated in their egos, they did not show much of emotions. Walking together, they passed the iron tower – the one which used to be their meeting point, the one where they planted seeds to watch it grow but never could, the one where they bid goodbye. To their amazement, the seed had fully grown into a creeper and had wrapped the iron pillar, as if saying to the pillar that it is pointless to be rough and rude as my softness can melt your heart.

Image via Pixabay

Written for:Β #271 Crimson’s Creative Challenge.


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