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Perfection is what we seek, but is it even our need? How far you go to be perfect? How long can you make effect? We strive to reach that peak, Where all is set and shiny, No debts or despair to be found, Happiness prevails all around. Where does this joy live? Nowhere can it […]

Love you Granny!

Summer vacation had started and Sam and Siya had come to stay at Granny’s. Granny was waiting ecstatically at the bus stop. As soon as they came down from the bus, she rushed to grab them in her arms, took their backpacks to carry on her shoulders and together they walked towards Granny’s home. Drizzle […]


Birthday is the most favourite day, isn’t it? We celebrate our birthday every year as one of our best days. We go out, have fun, dine and dance. Do we stop to think that this day is as important or perhaps more important for someone else too? Yes, for our mother. It’s the biggest day […]