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Life and Livelihood

Written for Cyranny’s January 18th #1MinFiction Challenge https://cyranny.com/2023/05/03/january-18th-1minfiction-challenge-2/?blogsub=subscribed#subscribe-blog What’s the ”One Minute Fiction” challenge about? Easy. Each week I’ll provide a prompt to inspire you to write a very short story. The idea is to manage to type your whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting […]

Love you Granny!

Summer vacation had started and Sam and Siya had come to stay at Granny’s. Granny was waiting ecstatically at the bus stop. As soon as they came down from the bus, she rushed to grab them in her arms, took their backpacks to carry on her shoulders and together they walked towards Granny’s home. Drizzle […]