Our princess turns 1 today!

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Just a year back, I had no idea life would change so much, would be so beautiful, would make my existence more meaningful. And it’s all because of you ~ my sweet little princess! I never knew I had so much potential and resilience in me. When you came, you made me realize that I am stronger than I thought and more powerful than I could imagine. It is beautiful how a little human being can make a woman evolve in so many ways. In this last year you made me learn many things which could never have been possible even if I would have tried a ton times.

Each single day I have seen you grow and I admit that though I find this beautiful yet I miss each passed phase, as it makes me realize time is running too fast. Indeed it is; it was just yesterday when I gave birth to you and held you in my arms and here you are, a one year kid. I close my eyes and still find myself in the same hospital labour room where you were born; each moment is just as fresh as ever. The bliss I could never forget, and I refrain from describing it, as it cannot be.

When you come towards me and grab me with your tiny hands and try to stand up on those little feet, I feel the luckiest person in this world.

Dearest Shreeva, today is the day to celebrate our lovely and unique bond, which we have developed in this one year. 5th October will always be a day of celebration of our sweet bond, for it was the birth of a mother too. Love you loads, bless you!

2 thoughts on “Our princess turns 1 today!

  1. Neeraj karn

    Super and cutee experience you have registerred in last one year and to be experienced in coming years too this is a smart part of life God blessed in your coming dreams


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