Naina and Granny

Naina came back from school at noon to find an empty house. She looked everywhere but Granny couldn’t be found. Being a diligent labourer that her Granny was, Naina knew she must be out working somewhere, even though it was 1st May, when the whole world working class gets a holiday. She went farther to the fields and spotted her Granny plucking weeds amidst the crops. She went to her and asked why was she working when it was supposed to be a holiday.
“I know it’s a holiday. But I don’t need to take rest, as work gives me energy and keeps me active, you know.”

“Granny, you don’t need to lie to me. I know they didn’t allow you to take a holiday.”

“Naina, you go home. I will come after sometime and serve lunch to you.”

Reluctantly, Naina turned and moved towards the home.

Image credit; Dobrinoiu Denis Unsplash

Written for Sadje’s What do you see # 184- International Labour Day


16 thoughts on “Naina and Granny

  1. Nutan Bala

    It’s true. I know and saw everything but can’t do anything. My maid and cook were coming today.Not taking rest.

  2. Swarnim Karn

    Touching and so inspiring plus sad reality , But we can work together to support them and understand, so that they also get what is their right 👍♥️♥️


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