Image via Pixabay

Perfection is what we seek,

but is it even our need?

How far you go to be perfect?

How long can you make effect?

We strive to reach that peak,

Where all is set and shiny,

No debts or despair to be found,

Happiness prevails all around.

Where does this joy live?

Nowhere can it be seen,

If peeked enough to find,

It’s in the imperfect lives.

Saving that extra penny for her,

Leaving needed me-time for him,

Rushing to make ends meet,

Being late just to stay with them.

Aren’t these the sweet nothings?,

Costs none but lasts forever,

Tying us with a bond so tight,

Being there for you, me and us.

None will we seek if we had all,

Nothing will we save for them,

For we had whatever we wanted,

Why save, leave, rush or even try?

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