Don’t be a baby?

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To those who don’t get it straight to the point, the world says, “Come on now! Don’t be a baby!”

To those who have a deep sleep, the world says, “You sleep like a baby!”

To those who eventually shed a few tears on being hurt, they say, “Why are you crying like a baby?”

The world seems to think being a baby is just so easy, or that a baby phase is the easiest phase of one’s life as they don’t have to do anything.

If one thinks, is it really so easy being a baby? Well, the answer is NO. How would you feel if you want to be close to someone and yet you are forced or snatched from them to stay away? A baby always wants to be with her mother, but is taken away from her given that the mother has lot many household chores or a job to do which manytimes she cannot do with the baby around her. At such a tender age, a baby is made to understand this.

When a baby sleeps at night, she wakes up at the slightest of sound or noise (as slight as the sound of switching on a light or a fan), a little vibration or even the footsteps. And once they are awake, they don’t know how to go back to sleep which results in their long cries.

A baby doesn’t know to speak, so she communicates with different voices. If we adults can understand, it’s fine, and if we can’t, just imagine the amount of irritation and hurt they go through.

We adults have numerous things to do and perform, which the little creature doesn’t even know about, yet they have to deal with all of it, as their elders are living in a world which is real whereas the baby is living in a yet another world which is so small and tender that it revolves around the very few persons living with her. How difficult would it be for a baby to deal with this?

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