Colors and more

Jessica woke up with the sound of tiny droplets on her window panes. She saw the clock hung on the wall of her room. It was 4 am, too early for her to wake up. But sleep eluded her eyes as the coldness in the weather filled her room and her heart. She grabbed her jacket lying on the chair nearby and wore it. Her heart was still yearning. Her five years long relationship with James was on the verge of ending.

She looked outside the window. The rain had eroded all the crops in the field nearby. She felt gloomy inside. Never did the rain make her feel so sad before. Perhaps one sees the world with the heart, and not just the eyes. She went back to her bed and curled inside her blanket.

It was not before 10 am that she was woken up by the chirping of birds on her window. She went to the window again to see the clouds. The rain had stopped and sunshine was spreading through the clouds. She spotted a rainbow in the clear sky. Her heart welled up and it showed in her eyes. All hope was not yet lost, or it never does.

Written in response to CCC # 227, hosted by Crispina Kemp


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