Jeff had placed lanterns, candles, her favourite planters and her most cherished celebration picture on the centre table in the drawing room. There had been few hushings and murmurs in the neighbourhood as Jeff decorated her house for the upcoming holidays and the new year. Everyone living in the vicinity knew that Jeff was all alone; she did not have anybody in her life to celebrate with. Her husband had met an accident few years back and the couple did not have children who could come to visit during holidays.

Then why was Jeff celebrating? Isn’t it sad that someone who lives alone is lightening candles and humming carols all by herself?

Perhaps Jeff wanted to be happy, and this was her small effort. She was least bothered what would they say. At 65, Jeff wanted to live, and she had learned it, finally. Yes, sometimes it takes a lifetime.

Written forCrispina’s Creative Challenge #268, hosted by Crispina


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