Book Review -Will you still love me?

Title: Will you still love me?

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romance

‘Will you still love me?’ by Ravinder Singh is a romance novel which raises a lot of critical social concerns as well. The title of the book is absolutely apt for the story it tells. It sure does raise the questions regarding the story and its plot.

The story revolves around romance between the two protagonists – Lavanya and Rajveer. Their love story unravels in a very filmy manner. Along with the romance, the author aims at raising awareness on social stigmas prevalent in our society and he succeeds in delivering the message well.

Lavanya and Rajveer fall into love and their love grows as they meet and finally decide to marry each other. But then there are obstacles in their way (like a lot of love stories have) and they fight them to come together.

While the author makes the two love birds love and crave for each other, he also takes the reader to view the beauty of nature, to realize the shortcomings of our system, to understand the dilemma of poor people, to learn the lessons the hard way and many more. The book is not just a love story but a story intertwined with other stories which are a realistic face of our society.

The author has successfully managed to describe some of the scenes which make the reader literally transport to the venue and absorb it. There are few goosebumps moments which are brilliantly written.

However, the story has typical and filmy plots and dialogues which make the writing power loose its girth at times. Few plots appear predictable.

The storytelling style is nice and the English used is very easy and makes it a ‘go-for-it’ novel for new readers.


‘Will you still love me?’ by Ravinder Singh is a light read romance novel which throws light on numerous realistic concerns of our society.

Recommendation: Yes! Go for it!

Rating: 3.5/5

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