Book review – Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules

Title: Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules

Author: Jeff Kinney

Genre: Realistic Fiction comedy novel

‘Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules’ is a children’s book, which is second in the ‘Dairy of a wimpy kid’ series. The book cover is designed in the form of a diary which is really attractive. This is a journal of a teenage kid Gregory who writes about his day to day experiences and the troubles which he lands into, few of which he creates for himself.

The novel tells the story of a teenage kid Gregory, who has issues with almost everyone around him. He faces problems at his school for having fun with his friends, or I should say teasing them more than their threshold. He gets punished at his home by his mother for his undisciplined behavior, fighting with his elder brother Rodrick, teasing his younger brother Manny. He has a friend Rowley, who is his neighbor too, with whom he plays video games, makes his assignments; yet he gets jealous when Rowley accidentally gets girls attention in the school. His elder brother Rodrick dominates him which pisses him off yet he is bound to follow his instructions for Rodrick knows an embarrassing secret about him. The story pretty much revolves around this theme between the two brothers and Greg always tries to get himself away from Rodrick.

The book makes us smile, chuckle, laugh and nostalgic at the same time. It reminds us of the school days when we also faced the same dilemmas, same pressure and good old times with our friends. The illustrations are hilarious. It is the cartoons on each page which make the book more attractive and interesting. It never bores you. Although it’s a children’s book, it never feels like an adult shouldn’t be reading it; who doesn’t want some laughter and comedy?

If you have been reading some serious and deep novels lately, or are looking for a mood uplift, or even just for few laughs to make you happier and healthier, well, go for it! I highly recommend this book. You don’t need a reason to read these books, it is always safe to make ourselves smiling! 🙂


‘Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules’ is a light comedy fiction novel. It can be a good break or escape from the reality to come back with refreshed vibes.

Recommendation: Yes.

Rating: 4.5/5

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