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Birthday is the most favourite day, isn’t it? We celebrate our birthday every year as one of our best days. We go out, have fun, dine and dance. Do we stop to think that this day is as important or perhaps more important for someone else too? Yes, for our mother. It’s the biggest day of her life as well, as she was re-born as a mother. It is truly said that a baby gives birth to a mother. Our birthday is equally special for her.

When a baby is born, it does something in the heart of the woman who gave birth. It’s not that the woman had all the motherly feelings in her heart just from the day she starts expecting. She might have them, but she may stay oblivious of them. The baby brings those feelings to the surface gradually after coming in this world.

When I had my daughter in October last year, I never thought I could change so much. I was just a girl with her own world, and then one fine day I was a mother. Needless to say, it’s a massive change. And this change takes time to find its place. I knew I loved her endlessly from the moment I saw her. But as postpartum hits, I was dealing with lot of mental pressure, anxiety, physical and emotional challenges that it took some time to finally come to terms with my own feelings. There is something indescribable in the joy of your baby’s smell when you lift her and try to cuddle. That moment changed everything. That moment gives power to all the mothers; the power that can make her conquer the world.

There was this tiny story I had read somewhere. It goes like (don’t remember the words exactly though, but enough to be shared, as it seems worth mentioning)- ‘It was mother’s birthday and she wanted to cook something to please herself. So she prepared her child’s favourite dish.’

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful ladies who nurture lives around them, in many ways.

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