Author: Shreya Karn


It all begins in the mind, trickles to heart, It takes a long way to reach there, The road looks bad before it’s taken, The one who travels has been there. They say it’s mind which does miracles, It’s mind that unleashes, Focus, distract, cover or uncover, It’s mind that empowers. The one which makes […]


Jeff had placed lanterns, candles, her favourite planters and her most cherished celebration picture on the centre table in the drawing room. There had been few hushings and murmurs in the neighbourhood as Jeff decorated her house for the upcoming holidays and the new year. Everyone living in the vicinity knew that Jeff was all […]


Perfection is what we seek, but is it even our need? How far you go to be perfect? How long can you make effect? We strive to reach that peak, Where all is set and shiny, No debts or despair to be found, Happiness prevails all around. Where does this joy live? Nowhere can it […]