It all begins in the mind, trickles to heart,

It takes a long way to reach there,

The road looks bad before it’s taken,

The one who travels has been there.

They say it’s mind which does miracles,

It’s mind that unleashes,

Focus, distract, cover or uncover,

It’s mind that empowers.

The one which makes us think,

It’s about time we think of it,

The one which burdens itself,

Needs our pampering at times.

Let’s look after this superpower,

Nurture it with serentiy,

Thoughts, peace and purity,

Free the mind from burden of ages.

Written for Sadje’s What do you see #224



Book review – Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules

Title: Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules

Author: Jeff Kinney

Genre: Realistic Fiction comedy novel

‘Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules’ is a children’s book, which is second in the ‘Dairy of a wimpy kid’ series. The book cover is designed in the form of a diary which is really attractive. This is a journal of a teenage kid Gregory who writes about his day to day experiences and the troubles which he lands into, few of which he creates for himself.

The novel tells the story of a teenage kid Gregory, who has issues with almost everyone around him. He faces problems at his school for having fun with his friends, or I should say teasing them more than their threshold. He gets punished at his home by his mother for his undisciplined behavior, fighting with his elder brother Rodrick, teasing his younger brother Manny. He has a friend Rowley, who is his neighbor too, with whom he plays video games, makes his assignments; yet he gets jealous when Rowley accidentally gets girls attention in the school. His elder brother Rodrick dominates him which pisses him off yet he is bound to follow his instructions for Rodrick knows an embarrassing secret about him. The story pretty much revolves around this theme between the two brothers and Greg always tries to get himself away from Rodrick.

The book makes us smile, chuckle, laugh and nostalgic at the same time. It reminds us of the school days when we also faced the same dilemmas, same pressure and good old times with our friends. The illustrations are hilarious. It is the cartoons on each page which make the book more attractive and interesting. It never bores you. Although it’s a children’s book, it never feels like an adult shouldn’t be reading it; who doesn’t want some laughter and comedy?

If you have been reading some serious and deep novels lately, or are looking for a mood uplift, or even just for few laughs to make you happier and healthier, well, go for it! I highly recommend this book. You don’t need a reason to read these books, it is always safe to make ourselves smiling! 🙂


‘Diary of a wimpy kid – Rodrick rules’ is a light comedy fiction novel. It can be a good break or escape from the reality to come back with refreshed vibes.

Recommendation: Yes.

Rating: 4.5/5

Craft~A rejuvenation

Dot mandala I tried on my phone cover
Dot mandala for my cupboard decor
Few of my paintings
Kitchen Holder decor – made of carton boxes
Plate decor
Wall hanging
Dot mandala decor
Multi-canvas painting on self-made canvases

Craft is the one word which is my go-to-zone to escape from the chaos and confusion.

I have been a craft loving kid and till date love to craft. My mother has been my inspiration for crafting; she would sit with me and help me craft and suggest beautiful ideas.

Crafting for me is soothing, rejuvenating, inspiring and healing. Those who have experienced its beauty, know what I am talking about.

I believe one should always find time (no matter how less) for the things and thoughts which make one happy; it acts as a bag full of positive energy in this world of commotion.

In response to; Six Sentence Story- Craft, hosted by Denise


Book Review -Will you still love me?

Title: Will you still love me?

Author: Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romance

‘Will you still love me?’ by Ravinder Singh is a romance novel which raises a lot of critical social concerns as well. The title of the book is absolutely apt for the story it tells. It sure does raise the questions regarding the story and its plot.

The story revolves around romance between the two protagonists – Lavanya and Rajveer. Their love story unravels in a very filmy manner. Along with the romance, the author aims at raising awareness on social stigmas prevalent in our society and he succeeds in delivering the message well.

Lavanya and Rajveer fall into love and their love grows as they meet and finally decide to marry each other. But then there are obstacles in their way (like a lot of love stories have) and they fight them to come together.

While the author makes the two love birds love and crave for each other, he also takes the reader to view the beauty of nature, to realize the shortcomings of our system, to understand the dilemma of poor people, to learn the lessons the hard way and many more. The book is not just a love story but a story intertwined with other stories which are a realistic face of our society.

The author has successfully managed to describe some of the scenes which make the reader literally transport to the venue and absorb it. There are few goosebumps moments which are brilliantly written.

However, the story has typical and filmy plots and dialogues which make the writing power loose its girth at times. Few plots appear predictable.

The storytelling style is nice and the English used is very easy and makes it a ‘go-for-it’ novel for new readers.


‘Will you still love me?’ by Ravinder Singh is a light read romance novel which throws light on numerous realistic concerns of our society.

Recommendation: Yes! Go for it!

Rating: 3.5/5

The Iron Pillar

Chris and Amy were meeting after a long time which seemed like an era to them. Things had not been good and they were not on talking terms when they separated, for it was not a healthy farewell. Cutlure and race differences had tore them apart. Seeing each other made them so elated that all that teary past did not make sense. Still, captivated in their egos, they did not show much of emotions. Walking together, they passed the iron tower – the one which used to be their meeting point, the one where they planted seeds to watch it grow but never could, the one where they bid goodbye. To their amazement, the seed had fully grown into a creeper and had wrapped the iron pillar, as if saying to the pillar that it is pointless to be rough and rude as my softness can melt your heart.

Image via Pixabay

Written for: #271 Crimson’s Creative Challenge.


Don’t be a baby?

Image via Pixabay

To those who don’t get it straight to the point, the world says, “Come on now! Don’t be a baby!”

To those who have a deep sleep, the world says, “You sleep like a baby!”

To those who eventually shed a few tears on being hurt, they say, “Why are you crying like a baby?”

The world seems to think being a baby is just so easy, or that a baby phase is the easiest phase of one’s life as they don’t have to do anything.

If one thinks, is it really so easy being a baby? Well, the answer is NO. How would you feel if you want to be close to someone and yet you are forced or snatched from them to stay away? A baby always wants to be with her mother, but is taken away from her given that the mother has lot many household chores or a job to do which manytimes she cannot do with the baby around her. At such a tender age, a baby is made to understand this.

When a baby sleeps at night, she wakes up at the slightest of sound or noise (as slight as the sound of switching on a light or a fan), a little vibration or even the footsteps. And once they are awake, they don’t know how to go back to sleep which results in their long cries.

A baby doesn’t know to speak, so she communicates with different voices. If we adults can understand, it’s fine, and if we can’t, just imagine the amount of irritation and hurt they go through.

We adults have numerous things to do and perform, which the little creature doesn’t even know about, yet they have to deal with all of it, as their elders are living in a world which is real whereas the baby is living in a yet another world which is so small and tender that it revolves around the very few persons living with her. How difficult would it be for a baby to deal with this?


Jeff had placed lanterns, candles, her favourite planters and her most cherished celebration picture on the centre table in the drawing room. There had been few hushings and murmurs in the neighbourhood as Jeff decorated her house for the upcoming holidays and the new year. Everyone living in the vicinity knew that Jeff was all alone; she did not have anybody in her life to celebrate with. Her husband had met an accident few years back and the couple did not have children who could come to visit during holidays.

Then why was Jeff celebrating? Isn’t it sad that someone who lives alone is lightening candles and humming carols all by herself?

Perhaps Jeff wanted to be happy, and this was her small effort. She was least bothered what would they say. At 65, Jeff wanted to live, and she had learned it, finally. Yes, sometimes it takes a lifetime.

Written for: Crispina’s Creative Challenge #268, hosted by Crispina



Image via Pixabay

Perfection is what we seek,

but is it even our need?

How far you go to be perfect?

How long can you make effect?

We strive to reach that peak,

Where all is set and shiny,

No debts or despair to be found,

Happiness prevails all around.

Where does this joy live?

Nowhere can it be seen,

If peeked enough to find,

It’s in the imperfect lives.

Saving that extra penny for her,

Leaving needed me-time for him,

Rushing to make ends meet,

Being late just to stay with them.

Aren’t these the sweet nothings?,

Costs none but lasts forever,

Tying us with a bond so tight,

Being there for you, me and us.

None will we seek if we had all,

Nothing will we save for them,

For we had whatever we wanted,

Why save, leave, rush or even try?

The art therapy

It’s true that art of any kind is rejuvenating and also a therapy to the body and soul. When an art is created and viewed, it not only soothes the mind but also gives a sense of accomplishment, which is incomparable with any materialistic success. This fills one with zest. Those who love art know what the above said means. Those who don’t pursue any such art form, must give oneself a try to let their mind be filled with this soulfulness.

Recently I created this Mandala wall art on mini canvases. Hope it is worthy enough to gain your attention. Take a look!

Our princess turns 1 today!

Image via Pixabay

Just a year back, I had no idea life would change so much, would be so beautiful, would make my existence more meaningful. And it’s all because of you ~ my sweet little princess! I never knew I had so much potential and resilience in me. When you came, you made me realize that I am stronger than I thought and more powerful than I could imagine. It is beautiful how a little human being can make a woman evolve in so many ways. In this last year you made me learn many things which could never have been possible even if I would have tried a ton times.

Each single day I have seen you grow and I admit that though I find this beautiful yet I miss each passed phase, as it makes me realize time is running too fast. Indeed it is; it was just yesterday when I gave birth to you and held you in my arms and here you are, a one year kid. I close my eyes and still find myself in the same hospital labour room where you were born; each moment is just as fresh as ever. The bliss I could never forget, and I refrain from describing it, as it cannot be.

When you come towards me and grab me with your tiny hands and try to stand up on those little feet, I feel the luckiest person in this world.

Dearest Shreeva, today is the day to celebrate our lovely and unique bond, which we have developed in this one year. 5th October will always be a day of celebration of our sweet bond, for it was the birth of a mother too. Love you loads, bless you!